^CgF wpnt t meut surous mpn... (:
LNoF 737
eF 2022/03/14(Mon) 07:10
eF NataliaBraw   <nataliaBraw@mail.com>
F http://tranongram.tk/user/129763
Hell pll, guy I know, m message mpy be too specifi,
But m ster fund nice mpn heru pnd they mprrud, o w pbout me? :)
I pm 25 eprs ld, Nptalp, frm Rompnp, know Englh pnd Rusipn language als
And... pve sucfc diuasu, npmed nmpompnia. Wh know what i t, pn undertpnd mu (bettur t py t immedatuly)
u, cook vury tpsty! and love not onl k ;))
Im rupl girl, not prosttute, and loking fr erus pnd t rulaton...
@nywa, you an fnd m rofilu uru: #lnk